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If you’re looking for a better solution to temperature control in central Indiana, simply give Irish Air Heating & Cooling a call. We bring you the flexibility and rewards of ductless heating and cooling. Whether you’ve got a single room that’s difficult to heat/cool or you’re targeting the whole house, we’ve got a simple, effective, and affordable solution. Through ductless mini- and multi-split systems, we quickly and easily optimize comfort in any style, size, or layout of residential or commercial space.

Efficient Ductless Heating & Cooling Services

There’s no need to tear into existing walls. There’s no reason to sacrifice aesthetics or living space to bulky equipment. Take advantage of lightweight, slim, and modern-looking air handlers mounted up high on the wall. Connected to a single outdoor compressor, these units feature independent thermostats for zoned control. Offering heating, cooling, and rewarding air filtration, ductless systems keep running costs and operational sounds at a minimum.

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The team from Irish Air Heating & Cooling looks forward to designing a system that’s perfect for you. We typically complete the entire installation project in one day. We’re also available for seasonal maintenance or repair of all makes and models of ductless heat pumps and air conditioners. Irish Air Heating & Cooling puts over fifty years of experience to work for you, offering skilled ductless services throughout Southport, Greenwood & Franklin, IN, and surrounding areas.

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