What are your neighbors saying about Irish Air Heating & Cooling?

“Irish Air did a great job of diagnosing the issues I encountered on two separate calls. First, they came and fixed an issue I was having on my Bryant heat pump – bad fan motor. The technician replaced the motor at a great price — without replacing the entire unit — like some other companies wanted to do. The second call (within a few months of first service call) , the heat pump would not stay running. Again, the technician was quick to diagnose an issue with the voltage regulator. The part was replaced and the heat pump lasted another five months. Irish Air kept my unit running for a minimal price — which provided me the ample time to save some money for a much, needed replacement in the future.

Given their excellent service record, I called Irish Air and received an estimate for a new heat pump. Also, I received quotes from two other nationally, recognized heating and air-conditioning chains. When I received the quotes, Irish Air was several hundred dollars lower than the large, national chains. When the Sale Representative from Irish Air came to my home, he explained how I could buy a “dual system” (i.e.,high-efficient heat pump and back-up 95% efficient gas furnace -as my back-up source of heat). The representative explained the cost savings I could realize by replacing my 12 year old, 80% (inefficient) gas furnace and install a high-efficient (14 SEER) heat pump. The cost savings would be realized in three ways: (1) lower initial cost of equipment, (2) lower gas/heating bills, and (3) tax savings on my electric bill.

Additionally, I could save some tax dollars on my taxes for up-grading my heating and cooling system.
As a result of purchasing a new heating and cooling system (high-efficiency units), I have been able to realize a huge difference in my yearly gas bill and electric bill. Essentially, we saved approximately $600.00 on our gas bill; and, $550.00 on our electric bill for the past year.
What a savings! In 4.8 years, the cost of the new system would pay for itself — at the current savings rate!

Calling Irish Air was the best decision we made in securing the best heating and cooling company in Indianapolis.”
– Doug J., Indianapolis, IN

“Irish Air came out to our house, diagnosed the problem and then worked with us to fix the problem. Fast, friendly, and expert service that saved us thousands of dollars (cost of replacing the AC unit). Thank you for taking care of us.”
– Eric B., Indianapolis, IN

“Very professional and fair quote. I thought that they really knew their HVAC stuff well and I would recommend this company to others. Thanks for the help!”
– Jackie B., Greenwood, IN

“One thing I am always concerned with a service company is the company trust worthy. Are they trying to sell you something you don’t need. I found this company very trust worthy and they did not try to sell me anything that I didn’t need. They saved me money because they found a way to fix the old stuff and not try to get me to replace something that was not necessary. I would absolutely use them again.”
– Paul S., Southport, IN

“Thank you! Your service is the best!!”
– Bryan B., Carmel, IN

“Thank you! They did a FANTASTIC job and explained everything they did so we could understand. We will definitely be promoting you to friends and family who need new systems!!”
– Ashlee G. Indianapolis, IN